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Maxx Spray

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Powerful stain-removal agent with Fresh fragrance for spraying

Maxx Spray is a simple, quick and effective stain-removal agent based on an innovative natural active grease-solubilizer convincing by its super grease-removal power.

Maxx Spray can be used both in wet cleaning and laundry for local pre-treatment of particularly tenacious grease- and pigment-bound soil on all kind of white and coloured textiles like e.g. shirt collars and sleeves, leaving a pleasant fragrance of ultimate freshness.

Physical-chemical data:

  • consistency: liquid
  • pH-value: ~ 8 (1 % solution)
  • Density: ~ 1,00 g/ml (20 ┬░C)


Apply Maxx Spray directly onto the stained area and leave to soak 10 to max. 15 minutes.Then wet clean or wash the textiles according to the material care label by addition of the proper detergents.

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