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Concentrated, highly active oxygen-based stain-removal salt

Blankotex is ideal for all washable textiles and all temperature ranges from 30° to 90° C. The specific power of oxygen develops its action already from 30° C due to a bleaching activator which is quickly and easily degradable.

At the same time it removes tenacious stains like coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juice, fruit, ketchup, vegetables, grass and other substances. Blankotex contains enzymes and offers effective stain-removal action also in case of albuminous stains like blood, egg, milk or cacao.


Light yellowings may be bleached at 40 to 50 °C in a bath using 2 to 3 g of Blankotex per litre water. After treatment, Blankotex has to be flushed out of textiles with plenty of water.

Recommended Dosage:

Per kg dry laundry at a bath ratio of 1 : 4

  • 1 bath procedure: 10 grms/kg
  • 2 bath procedure: 3-15 grms/kg
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