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Today's discerning guests expect quality products, excellent service and smooth flows – be it in the preparation of food or in handling special events.

With quality products, a top service and co-ordinated treatments SEITZ has made a name for itself as a professional hygiene partner who aims to support you with your lustrous presentation.

SEITZ employees will answer all of your questions related to laundry, textile cleaning, maintenance cleaning and disinfection and develop jointly with you effective problem solutions. Your ideas and needs for a smooth flow are our priority.

We guarantee that all of today's important and indispensable regulations and hygiene standards are complied with. Our extensive product range for maintenance cleaning offers everything from rinse aids that shorten the drying cycle and eliminate stains, to descalers for dishwashers to glass, surface and dish cleaning agents that bring a brilliant shine not only to your cutlery.

The restaurant trade in particular calls for verifiable hygiene concepts (HACCP) yet today's customer equally expects our system-supported and perfectly dovetailed cleaning and hygiene products to produce excellent results.

From the very beginning we define the necessary treatments and process flows, thereby not only improving the hygiene standard of your restaurant trade but also promoting the motivation of your employees, which is decisive for your success.

Refer our Surface section for complete range of Housekeeping & Kitchen cleaning products or For a complimentary consultation or if you have any questions, please send us your Enquiry.