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Preclin Odosorb

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Polysol Ran

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Universal pre spotting agent for application by brushing or spraying

Polysol RAN is a fluid, light-coloured prespotting agent for use in perchloroethylene. Polysol RAN is not likely to cause irritations to skin in spraying or prebrushing. Polysol RAN is excellently suited for prespotting all kind of stains and renders best effects on wet- and grease-bound stains.

Polysol RAN is suited for coloured and white textiles and does not affect the colours. The product is perfectly rinsable.

Polysol RAN and Polysol RAN mixtures with water are fluid and can be used in all spraying systems.


Polysol RAN is clearly soluble in water and can be applied also as a solution of 1 part of Polysol RAN and 1 to 2 parts of water for treating textiles insensitive to moisture.

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