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Frankopal Maxx

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Liquid, highly active grease-solubilizer

Frankopal Maxx is used in wet-cleaning and laundry application for removal of grease and pigment soilings. Frankopal Maxx is based on an innovative natural active grease-solubilizer convincing by highest grease solubilizing power and by excellent wetting and emulsifying capacities.

Frankopal Maxx suits for all kind of machines and can be combined with all pre-wash, completely built detergents and full wash detergents.

Physical-chemical data:

  • Consistency: homogeneous liquid
  • pH-value: ∼ 7.5 (1 % solution)
  • Density: ∼ 1.015 g/ml (20 °C)
  • Application:

    Frankopal Maxx will offer its best grease-solubilizing power when used undiluted but, if required, can also be used diluted with water at a ratio of 1 : 1. Frankopal Maxx to be applied directly on the stained area by means of the brush prior to cleaning treatment. After a short reaction period of 10 minutes, the textiles can be wet treated or washed.

    Recommended Dosage:

    Dosage: 4 – 8 ml of Frankopal Maxx per kg of dry laundry, At a bath ratio of 1 :4 – 1: 5

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