Hanger (2.3 mm) with Notch

Hanger (2.3 mm) with Notch

Activate Intense

Activate Intense

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The alternative solvent with excellent cleaning power!

intense® is an environmentally compatible solvent. It contains no carcinogenic substances. Harmful influences on man or environment (air, ground water or soil) are not known. The increased flash point of intense also ensures safe handling and transport purely work-technically and is not a hazardous substance. Intense has good drying qualities and enables short batch cycles. Its water solubility is extremely low and separation in the water separator functions without problem.


  • intense® is odourless and has a high cleaning effect
  • It ensures unusual cleanliness and outstandingly solved water-soluble stains.
  • It is gentle on the fabric & reduces pre-detachment. It can be used in any multi-solvent machine and can be replaced easily
  • It reduces the effort when finishing & can be disposed of via the classic disposal paths


intense meets all requirements subject to 31.BImSchV and the product is:

  • exempt from halogen
  • it has a flash point above 55°C
  • it is thermally stable and exempt from substances according to §3 Abs. 2 or 3 (annex III 3.1.2. d)
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