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Neutrol L

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Liquid Product for Solvent Care and Maintenance, solution of a combination of acid-binding and stabilizing substances.

NEUTROL L is an alkaline liquid soluble in the solvent which, due to its high acid binding capacity, neutralizes acid decomponents preponderantly forming in the distillation. The substances contained in NEUTROL L can also bind unpleasant odours, thus contributing to a better odour of the goods. NEUTROL L reduces the danger of metal corrosion. NEUTROL L secures perfect distillation and keeps the distilled solvent neutral and stable.


NEUTROL L is added directly to the still after thorough cleaning by hand or automatic dosing device.

Recommended Dosage:

The standard concentration in perchloroethylene dry cleaning is 3 - 5 NEUTROL L per kg machine capacity. Overdosing has no detrimental effect.

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