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Viva Oleo

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Viva Pris


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Liquid basic detergent and booster for temperatures from 40 to 90°C

Viva Pris has been developed mainly for washing white and coloured textiles made from cotton and mixed fabric. Viva Pris enables quick fibre swelling without aggressive alkalis.

The product has a high dispersing capacity for pigment soil and an excellent complexing capacity in the case of heavy metals like iron, manganese and copper.

Physical-chemical data:

  • Total alkalinity: 2.2 g/l ( 1 % solution )
  • Caustic alkalinity: 2.1 g/l ( 1 % solution )
  • pH-value: 12.4 ( 1 % solution )
  • Density: 1.225 g/ml (20 °C)

Recommended Dosage:

Per kg dry laundry at a bath ratio of 1 : 4, Dosage: 3-6 ml/kg

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